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Being in the know makes it happen.


About S2scout 

  • S2scout is comprised of seasoned recruiters, a.k.a. “Scouts”, who are dedicated to helping clients AND candidates find the right nine-to-five, so they can better enjoy their five-to-nine.  

  • Our dedication to providing clients AND candidates with fresh talent or unique opportunities is in the S2scout name. “S2” is the military term for intelligence. “Scout”, by definition, is a person sent out ahead of a main force to gather information about the target's position, strength and movements.

  • Our Scouts don’t sit and wait for candidates to come to them. Our Scouts are in front of the search utilizing tactics that are…well…CLASSIFIED.

  • S2scout is a Veterans Administration certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing specialized staffing services to small, medium and large organizations across several industries.

To learn how S2scout can help your organization add culture, not just headcount, contact us today!


Job Seekers


Active and passive job seekers alike, click here to view our current opportunities.

If you don't see an opportunity that interests you, please feel free to submit your resume and one of our Scouts will follow up with you ASAP.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.





Ever hire a hit man? I didn’t think so. But I’m sure you’ve watched enough movies to know how it goes down. Client pays S2scout a retainer upfront » we “execute” » Client is billed for the balance.


It's simple! S2scout finds Candidate » Client hires Candidate » Client pays a fee.


The ol’ “try before you buy”. Nope. Not us. In the boomin' tech hub that is Pittsburgh, you lease vehicles, not talent.                                                                                              


In our little black book of assets, lie a select few high-end career contractors. If available, they will take on a short or long-term temporary mission. 



Career Opportunities


Click here, to get the scoop on our clients' current opportunities.

Didn't see anything that fits your skills or experience?  Contact us to learn how we can assist you in the search for "the" job, not just a job.



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